Creative Problem Solving: Problem Identity Part 1

I want to invite you in these creative problem solving blogs to new paradigm shifts for identifying problems, and creative approaches to begin solving life’s questions and circumstances.

In this blog, let’s consider our daily life. What is the rhythm of life right now? Are you in college, approaching college, in grad school, in a new job, applying for a job, seeking new adventures, traveling, creating, running a business? This is what we know, but what we haven’t yet fully seen is that our current situations in this season of life, actually are our doors into promotion, fulfillment, and joy.

I believe that each season has it’s place. And that in each season of life we have circumstances that happen that initially look like trouble but, perhaps are the platforms for promotion. Even though most problems happen behind the publics eye, we need to be aware that all the issues of life can help give us the push we need to step up and become a problem solver.

Let’s take look into the hebraic genesis story,

Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of the Creator was hovering over the waters.

This is a great picture of creativity, In the beginning according to the Hebraic story, God created the heavens and the earth we live in. The following verse points to a picture of Creator’s Spirit identifying the problems and creating solutions to what was seen. Following this verse ensues a creative dream land, putting any creative project in our industry in it’s shadow.

Now before we get too dreamy for you, lets bring this verse to our daily life. Let’s ask the question so to actually identify the problems and situations correctly about our life.

  • What is formless?
  • What is empty?
  • What is dark?

Before you start hovering like the Spirit, really consider those questions. In fact, stop reading, put down anything your doing, and just contemplate, sit and dwell on these questions.

Ok, now, let’s re-phrase the questions.

  • What in your business, career, etc. that is formless? Maybe it’s just an idea, a sketch, a blueprint, but it’s not actualized.
  • What feels empty in life?
  • What feels dark (troubled, confused, mysterious, unapproachable, scary)?

Dark, empty, formless are not necessarily evil, or bad, they could be the beginning of a new creative idea, project, art piece, relationship breakthrough, or simply more fullness of joy.

Now how do we solve these questions, problems?

Let’s seek wisdom. Wisdom creates boundaries, foundations, principles to build on.

  • Look at creation. Really go outside and observe the way the world is.
  • Listen to the people who are known for solving problems in this area.

Both of these get us outside of ourselves and our problems. We can begin the journey of problem solving by taking some steps towards discerning what really is happening. I think that alone will help most of us get the revelation needed to take creative action towards a solution.

What did you discover about your life?



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