The Nature of Color: Colors Create

Colors create sounds. Colors create thoughts. Colors are the beginning of a new idea.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.30.18 AMWhat does black reveal to you? In the night sky is black not the platform for all those bright lights. Is black bad? Is the black of darkness really the beginning of a mystery to be revealed.

Photo Credit: Colette



Blue is a swirling color. It’s a color of movement. It’s a sound of joy. It’s seen in the water, it’s seen in the sky. Blue is light, and blue is transparent. Blue is blues, and motion and movement.

Photo Credit: Ecstatic Expression Photography


sun set

Red is radical not so rational, real authentic, the heart, and my connection to you. Red is rising. Red is fire. Reds are roses, reds are cardinals, reds are life flow. Reds are good.

Photo Credit: Ecstatic Expression Photography



sun rising on beachYellow is the longing light telling me of a bright day, in my present and my future. Red my heart, yellow my spirit. Yellow leaps. Yellow soaks. Yellow is fun to eat. Lemon, life, sprite, and sprint.

Photo Credit: Ecstatic Expression Photography


Green Moss and WaterGreen. Breath. Breathing bright moments of life. Green. Green is lush. Green is light. Green is glowing in fire fly’s at night. Green is in the garden, and green grains binary thoughts the grass of mindsets and new starts. Green grows, green greets. Green in the light of night has a mysterious feat.

Photo Credit: Ecstatic Expression Photography




Turquoise. Ancient. Tribal and sacred. Turquoise tells me secrets like Iroquois around camp fires and night skies.

Photo Credit: Brave Crafts


caterpillar in the earthBrown. Humble and Down is brown, the gown of a true princess is brown. She sees the potential and gives birth to the earth green, but is simple and loving, caring, and nutritious.

Photo Credit: Saky


white tigerWhite is the seeing seer, that watches white light and a holy bright being, calling the stars and creation to sing. Covenants and commitments are white in the light. We are one in the white light, with our true life being expressed in individual breaths.

Photo Credit: Jasper


purplePurple. The way of truth. The royal prestige in hearts and vines of kings and wine. Purple, purposed to pour forth, and give. Purple is great as an offering. Purple is fruit, purple is good.

Photo credits: Mark and Nicole



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