Taking Risks – The Gateway to Expression

Here are a couple of pieces that have come out of my creative times this summer. With both of these pieces I found my self facing the canvas, the blank canvas, and as I faced the canvas I was struck fear and insecurity. I realized I couldn’t plan out either of these pieces more than the first thought I had received about them, I just needed to start. I needed to take action, and I did.

When the paint start moving on the canvas I found a door conceptual and expressive breakthrough, things seemed to flow, and connect, I found that I needed to continue to take artistic risks with my concepts and embrace the wild imagination of my design.

With the Self-Potrait Expression, I had to trust in my inner creative to just be let out on canvas, I need to be brave to let that happen and not hold myself back. So many times creative people, say they aren’t creative but, really they need a place to let it out, and they are the ones usually blocking the artist in them from being released.

With the piece of outer space, I am giving a working title of Journey, I spent a little bit of time studying and experimenting with depth and dimension during my process of making this canvas. I envisioned a room full of spheres hanging from ropes, and I began to make sketches of what I saw in my head, then I imagined them planets. I’m excited to put the video of this one up on Vimeo soon so you can see my process. It’s a piece I invite you to meditate on, consider what it reveals to you, and what it invites you into.

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Ecstatic Expression Self Portrait



This Self Portrait is 48″ (122 cm) by 24″ (61 cm). I used a strong oil based enamel, acrylic and ink.

This piece is capturing the artist in me bursting forth from the canvas. Read the writing backwards!

It’s this expression of raw color and movement that I find is so fulfilling to release through painting!







This outer space expression is 24″ (61 cm) by 24″ (61 cm). I used acrylic, with some details in ink and enamel. Below is a montage of some digitally edited versions of this galactic expression. Click on Photos to enlarge.


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