Musings from A Creative

I sit in my chair, in my home, on Garfield Street. I live in a land of noise and business. But in this land there is a music. I hear birds singing in the choir of creation and a train horn whistling a couple miles away. A dog barks, interrupting the serenity, but still there is a beauty in his offbeat communication. A smaller dog speaks up in response but then goes quiet as she listens to the sound of his own feet and stomach.

I have a small native american toy on my desk, he is mythical. He is strong. He is an image of the spirit, Holy and Human.

I think we lost our souls when we, in lack of creativity and in incredulous stupidity murdered and raped the people, the natives of the land prior to us. I speak of we as western civilization. We have been absolutely pathetic creatures to each other in so many ways.

Why has it taken us, as humanity; slow, dim witted humanity, to realize you can’t own people, you can’t kill people. I would be pissed if I was black or native to america. I think part of me is, because my blood boils at certain injustices. Perhaps one day MLK Jr’s dream will come true. Part of it always has been, but thats just a slice of heaven in the now, the taste of peach cobbler, warm and fresh ready for you and me, sinners and murders to feast on.

Maybe even in our present, definitely in our futures, we will eat the promise.

I am realizing now as I heard the robins sing of leaves and worms and warm weather, that I can travel to anywhere I want, the moment I feel there is something to be seen…imagination con la fe, and at the speed of thought.

I imagine being a tiny human about the size of your hand. I would be part of a little people tribe, that can sing in with songs of birds, and have minds like the underwater world of atlantis, ancient, runic, raw, & holy. I would ride on a bluebird to travel around and use a sharp, hardened blade of grass as a sword. I imagine myself on a war mission, having to kill things invisible to the big people, but helping the world around me see better.

At some point in my tiny person existence I would be sent on a mission and have to travel under water to a place like, Otoh Gunga, the city of the Gungan Amphibeus Humanoids in Star Wars.

Sketch Inspired by the animated film PonyoThere the hydrostatic bubbles keep the water out, while the humanoids move freely through them. In addition to Gungans, I think the underwater city would be populated with glowing fairies that rode on dragonflies. I would have to convince them to help fight or at least come over to my tribes village for a cookout!


Choose your own adventure and laugh along the way!

I would make friends with a sea turtle during the journey and he would be my traveling companion. His name would be Mic, he would have a pouch of seaweed he would smoke and wield a scimitar made of ebony, he would know five languages and know how to tango.

I think the story would end after triumphing in my tiny person quest, with tiny me meeting the Great Spirit of the world, and the Great Spirit would give me wings like the wind. I would feel clean, and I would smile a lot, and go on more adventures.

Written by Jimmy from the house in the high desert city of Denver.

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