Never Land

Wolf howling

I was once on a journey.

A journey to Never Never Land.

I still remember the night it began…

A mystery flooded in the moon lit dark corners of the october woods I wandered in.

As the wolf howled–I looked into the dark path ahead,

When the light from somewhere unseen emerged- flickering

My desire grew to know this emanating light

I followed where the light flew.

I knew I had seen this light before,

dimly I remembered…

Still, it would pause as if gazing into me, a child of the thrill of the chase.

Now I hunted to see just one more glimpse of something ethereal, something real. Its path led me out of the comfort of the woods and when I looked as to what was beneath I was above.

Above the earth flying into the great uncharted wild of the lights.

The journey had just begun.

Inspired by Daniel Ibanez Peter Pan Illustration.

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