Doodling Back to The Creative Joy

Awhile back this summer, some unfortunate events occurred that caused me to halt a lot of my daily creative work, especially work that represents Ecstatic Expression Studios.

However, as I begin to settle into life in a new season and new studio (not sure where?). I find that doodling is my bridge. A bridge back to the creative rhythms and creative flow.

Doodling is simple, just coloring and sketching, sometimes googling different sketchers and doodlers via internet and finding themes I like and imitating them. Then just letting my imagination go from there.

Below is the first steps back into a creative process that has been waiting to be released for awhile.

October Art Pirate Ship Sketches Pirate Ship Sketches The Billard BA Barge.

One thought on “Doodling Back to The Creative Joy

  1. That OCTOBER word that you did in doodle art… is amazing!
    I would love to see you do a prophetic declaration for each month in doodle art Jimmy. You release an energy that burst into sight!!!
    Sapphire Sky

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