Doodling! The Lion of Reality!

Mystic Lion doodle

Back to doodling! Here’s one from last week. It’s a fun doodle. I am finding simple ways like doodling to create in a season where I am dialing back some of my Ecstatic Expression artwork, for my entrepreneurial expressions with Starbucks.

I have found doodling a fun way for me to unwind, and let out emotion and ideas. What doodles do you like from different artists?

What doodles can you create this week? Send me a message and I will post some!

This particular piece is about the spirit world and the natural world. It’s about reality, and how we like this lion can live actively in the reality of both worlds! Trippy, right?! It’s inspired by my love of mystery and life. Each person and symbol represents something to me, but before I speak into it, what do you see in this art piece?

Click on Doodle to Enlarge!

What stands out to you? What do you see? What’s the message you get from this doodle?



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