Guardians! A Comic Revival: Art of Wolverine and Mega Man

I have had a bit of a comic revival of late. Finding inspiration from the recent movie of Thor, and you tube Mega Man videos. I found comic characters to be the true mythology of America. They capture the cultural myths of cities and the spirit of our times in a good way.

Mega Man and Wolverine Art

This particular sketch is of Mega Man, and Wolverine. Inspired by my web browsing and youthful joy, of such figures, that I am now returning to as a young adult.

As I come back to these types of characters and myths, I find I love the art I find in comic books. First, the art is professional, powerful, full of zap and zang and there is so much communicated with such a short amount of space to do it in!

Taking notes on the business side of this cultural art, comics sell for $3-$5 per issue, which is a really great deal for the seller and buyer. A whole series could be $30, but allows the buyer to choose to continue to invest in it. A lot to learn from the so called Geek Culture! I’m calling for a geek culture revival, whose in? What comics do you read? What heroes do you resonant with?

Switching Gears…Now to a creative contemplative exercise…

The invitation I want to extend to you is to meditate on the idea of our meta-physical Guardians. Something I think we were created to understand and interact with.

We typically call these sentient ones angels or whatever floats your boat, but as I meditate on such things, and as I work day to day in the city of Denver, I find such spiritual things to have resemblance of our comic stories…our myths are shadows of reality. I would take that into a deeper truth that perhaps we as creative beings aren’t far from such comic characters…? Haha! What is our potential?

So with such characters like this guarding you (or in you), what is there to fear? What is possible? What’s it look like to be you? Maybe our reality is about to get invaded by such guardians?

Meditate on it…what do you discover?

Either way, enjoy the ideas and inspiration of comic art. [click to view sketch]

This is a true cap com vs. marvel piece…Send your comic art sketches in and I will post them!


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