Adventures in Life – Play, Pleasure, & Beer

Undimmed we walked in the pleasures of Eden, we dreamed of green lands, and away we wandered into mystery and enchanting realms. Then awaking to this dismal reality we fell back into the patterns that gratify lesser desires.

photo of a wine cellar

What this quote and photo is meant to awaken is a conversation of pleasure, desire and adventure. We were meant for so much more than what we settle for. We were meant to walk in the garden of eden, in the realms of pleasure and ecstasis.

As I make my pilgrimage through this life, I find that we as humans settle for so much less than what’s available. 

Mostly out of ignorance, we embrace the cult of comfort. But more and more our spiritual designs are becoming talked about and known to the general populace, this can be good, though I find myself aghast at the mainstream of religions, little is really embraced in the mainstream that truly brings life.

Outside of the church and religious institutions however there is a pearl of cultural creatives that are captured by a light, something undimmed, something full of adventure and full of the thrill and ecstasies of eden. 

To those that would explore and pioneer new paths for our culture I write. I write to you visionaires, you activist, and you voices of our new age. 


I find the idea of play so foreign to most learning, religious and work environments. However as I contemplate the origins of work, business, and healthy ecology, play is at the dawn.

One ancient script reads that the Creators spirit played and laughed wildly with the children of humanity at the birth of creation.

I believe in a Creative act. I believe in a uncreated deity. I believe this uncreated God, is far beyond our reaches to fully define and control, yet completley within our capabilities to explore, experience and know.

And it’s to this uncreated God that I am inspired by. This uncreated life essence I believe is currently,

Tipping over the the tables of our ideas of good manners into a wild party of ecstatic laughter and joy. Breaking the molds of creation’s idea of the good life, for a ushering in of a life to the fullest, overbrimming, overflowing, (shingy dingy). Eliminating all the stench of religious mannerisms for new, fresh, life-giving spirituality to come forth.

The wine has been poured out and to each who drinks, their cup never runs dry, though may they spill over the white rags of religion and bring in a holy ecstatic filled gaiety to their neighborhood, families and workplaces.
It’s in this landscape that I write, with wine splattered down my clothes, and my ideas of religion burnt to a crisp, as the angels of such a messy place turn my mundane into mayhem. (Help, I think I might be trapped here!)

Pleasure and Beer

I recently have been experiencing the divine essence and the inebriating manifestation of love that I am left with from encounters with my higher power. I relate this intoxication to that of strong wine and drink. I think beer and wine are beautiful gifts to creation! I think we as a “civilized” people however majorly have harnessed these gifts to our own selfish desires. It’s sad to think we have all seen drinking and alcohol lead to horrible decisions and actions. That is sobering. Mostly though, we drink to loosen up, and we drink to party. None of these are bad things, in fact they are all based to in our hedonistic journey to have pleasure fulfilled. Notice however we are trying to meet an end that we find is never fully satisfied. The buzz never lasts. The trance like euphoria fades away…why…???

Though I only have maybe a couple dozen beers a year (“prude!”…oh well), I love every drink I have.  I do loosen up and I do usually party at the same time. Recently even, I have had some great beer…I was told about a place called the Alamo Theaters where you can have beer and dinner and watch feature films. I was sold. So I headed straight to the Alamo, as the premier of The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug rolled out, watched a blockbuster, had a couple “pints” of beer and ate a burger…one of the better beers I ever had! 

However, as enjoyable as this beer and others I have had was, I realized me, like our culture in the west can’t fill a hole by beer/alcohol or any substance I take in. At the same time however, drinking this beer, watching the Hobbit, seemed to shadow something elusive, something…well mythical… 

We don’t ever talk about it, but it use to be commonplace in ancient cultures, and that’s the drinking of the divine wine of love, the wine of heaven. Hopefully pentecostal christianity or our overall cultural fear and labeling of the unknown hasn’t earmarked all spiritual experiments, or encounters as religious hype. Maybe we need to gander upon ol’ Brigids prayer, a mystic in the christian circle (there not all stuck up),

I’d like to give a lake of beer to God.
I’d love the Heavenly
Host to be tippling there
For all eternity.

I’d sit with the men, the women of God
There by the lake of beer
We’d be drinking good health forever
And every drop would be a prayer.

This meta-reality of heaven is intoxicating, full of good times, and as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the place of our dreams. The place where we can really achieve zen to it’s upmost degree, the place where ecstasy comes in waves, and our laughter shines as bright as day. 

WE CAN ENTER INTO THIS TODAY! I know a heretical idea, but where else does childlikeness trump the intellectualism of our day as well, as the wisdom of “spiritual” gurus. It’s here with the idea of heaven and earth interacting, drinking, the divine wine together, and frolicing! Everything in our culture says this is for the loons, the new agers, the hyper christians, but I say it’s for the common man and woman, it’s for the workplace, it’s for you and me and every person. Take a moment cross the threshold of good ideas into an actual experience, go on the journey into Eden, find your satisfaction located in something else. Who’s to say you won’t discover something absolutely wonderful! Into the rabbit hole we go! 



What You Think?

~To the Creative Cultural Artists and those who leave the systems of institutions for something that’s free, messy, and inebriated.

~To the Elitist…Take your exclusive religious parties out back…pretty soon however, the wine spills into all and holy mayhem will have it’s say.

What You Think? Share Below!



1. Ecstasis (don’t twitch too much there are some bible verses!) Mean­ing a state of bliss and rap­ture. This is a realm of trance like love, seen throughout ancient spirituality. Scholars of christianity such as Danker, Bauer, Ardnt and Gin­grich state that ecsta­sis is: 1) a state of con­sid­er­a­tion or pro­found emo­tional expe­ri­ence to the point of being beside one­self; ‘amaze­ment’ ‘aston­ish­ment,’ i.e. Mk. 5:42, Lk. 5:26, Mk. 16:8, Acts 3:10. 2) a state of being in which con­scious­ness is wholly or par­tially sus­pended, fre­quently asso­ci­ated with divine action: ‘trance’ ‘ecstasy’ i.e. Acts 22:17, 10:10, 11:5. (perhaps we need a new perspective on things religion has soiled!)

2. Afterlife/Heaven? I believe there is so much more to come, life gets ever broader and wider, the horizon is free and full…

3. The cult of comfort: can be seen in our western (american) culture that embraces status quo, settles for a life “free of noise and disturbance”, but misses the adventure, the true zen, the ecstasy of a life lived on the cutting edge. Which embraces mystery, and has a deep affection for life itself. Living life free of the cult of comfort brings us into a mastery and domain that is earned and rewarded by walking in principles rather than get quick rich schemes.

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