Castle in the Sky (Inspiring Animation Film)

Laputa, Castle in the Sky

This is the first post in the new 2014 Ecstatic Expression Bog InspireA lot more to come in the Inspire Blog in 2014.

So, I have a confession…I LOVE AINIME! I love the eastern ideals, I love the circular style of story, it’s not all wrapped pretty like a disney movie (though I love disney movies as well!).

One of the most exciting directors and animators is Hayao Miyazaki (<—-check he’s stuff out!). In 2013 I began to discover the treasure of Miyazaki’s films as I did, I requested all I could from the local library, it was a treasure chest of art. This guy is a legend and definitely one of the supreme chief animators of our day! Disney so treasures he’s stuff they take on his films and get popular voices for Miyazaki’s characters like Matt Damon, Mark Hamill, Anna Paquin and others. This past christmas I was given one of my favorite of Hayao’s films, Castle in the SkyAnd as the focus of my first Inspire Blog I want to recommend Miyazaki as a director and animator and Castle in the Sky as a place to drink of some unique and foreign creative wealth! Sheeta and Pazu with Laputa's creation.

Castle in the Sky is a story of a young boy and a girl who are on a journey to find a floating “magical” castle (known as Laputa) and must race against foreign agents, pirates and discover the impossible. In their quest they bring the viewers through mining town full of rememberable characters to a mythical place in the clouds.

Castle in the Sky was made in 1986 yet still holds up as a great animations. It is one of the more visually stunning animations I have seen. It takes on a slower pace but, is satisfying to watch as you get to explore the world Hayoa has created in the film. It’s a fun film with remarkable characters! Good for kids and adults. Enjoy! And let me know what you think in the comment section.

Castle in the Sky dvd, blue-ray cover

Look to your local library for one.

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