Walking Through Defeat (The Story Inside the City)

Denver and Seattle Super Bowl Photos

In this article I want to talk about the story of our city, Denver and perhaps some of the story of the city of Seattle. How can we glean from this victory and this loss? And what it means to our daily lives?

I am at awe of the Seahawks. The super bowl was a dream come true for Denver, as it was for Seattle.

As I ruminate over the overcoming defeat for Denver, and the Broncos, I think to what we as civilized people put into such games. We will teams to win like our lives were on the line. They win, we win, they lose, we lose. Right? Isn’t that the story of our dreams and imaginations as we watch sports?

Why does it matter? I think somewhere in the creation of all things, a designer made us to root for our tribe, our people, to win, and I think to cope, to handle loss, tragic loss (more than sports teams losing). Then back to the question of why does the super bowl or sports victories matter?

We need some vehicle to harness our hope. We need something or someone to light a flame in us, we need a larger story to be part of. Sport teams provide us with this (occasionally are hope may even be fulfilled).

So what was Denver hoping for? Why was the loss some how more tragic than just a game…I think back over what Denver and Colorado have suffered through over the past years…Columbine, Aurora shootings, the wild fires in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, the tornado in Windsor. We have suffered long, and tragically. It wasn’t just a loss of a game, but the loss of some hope in pain and defeat. I think of the personal loss of my friends, family and in my own life. I think of loved ones being taken by death, cancer, disease. All of this is tragic. And I think in all of this we want to fight back, we want a victory, because frankly we feel like we are on life’s losing team…Though I am not saying we put our hope and resolve in a sports team completely (maybe in faith, a higher power, etc), we seem to want to come back through all of life’s put downs, we want to rise up and win. As we (humanity) are living somewhat vicariously through the loss and win of others, especially in sports, victory and loss on the field matters. Perhaps it’s our lessened, and more civilized version of war? Perhaps not.

Then I think of the Broncos, some of the huge injuries that have taken players out of the game like Al Wilson, and other great players who have played on the team over the years yet never saw the super bowl, Clinton Portis, Jake Plummer, Brian Dawkins…I think of Darrent Williams a young defensive back getting shot in 2007. We want victory so bad in sports, because we want it for ourselves, for our city, for our losses to somehow taste some redemption. A win for a sports team is a win for a city, it becomes part of the story of who we are. Naturally the economy boosts, students come to colleges for sports bringing money to education, depression lifts…Good things happen.

People say God doesn’t meddle in sports. I have my doubts about that. I think a Creator of life would design sports for our pleasure. Meddling…not sure of yet, I think people could engage in God and see new levels of performance…[perhaps another conversation…

Though the super bowl was a huge loss for the Broncos and the city of Denver and Colorado, it’s also a win for Seattle and Washington. Hope is some how lit in a city because of a sports team. This hope is some powerful stuff. The opportunity now for the “losers” is will we rise above a defeat, appreciate what we have and get back on the saddle.

I remember watching Seattle last year, and thinking, Man they are scary, they play with fire. I new Denver lacked it a bit…We lacked fight, we lacked our snarl…go on show me a snarl…So We lift our chin Denver…we fight on. Like Russel Wilson said last night as he held the vince Lombardi trophy, “We had a Super Bowl off season” leading up to this year, and it flowed into the playoffs. Though it may seem like an off-season, following the loss of Broncos or some personal defeat. It’s time to find our strength,  work hard at what we love, like a come back is possible. Let hope find it’s place again inside you.





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