A Window of Grief and Release

wolf doodle, after life vision

This is my reflection and process of my grandmothers passing. How can we say it is death, although it certainly is a death of one body, it is also a passage into another.

I tend to see things beyond my comprehension when I create.

After I finish I sit with my doodle or creation and I ruminate on what has transpired. Trying to derive some meaning within this holy tussle of creativity and vision.

This is not a typical christian piece, it has shades of what some might say is new age or paganism, but what I see in here is a new life, a life to the full. That is the truth, that we pass ever deeper into new age’s of life, new dawns of eternity. My grandma was catholic and a believer of Christ, I to believe in a redemption, but I dare to see past my religious culture to a new heaven and a new earth.

What did it mean when the Creator said, “I go to prepare a place for you?” It certainly wasn’t a church or a sunday school meeting, it was something far closer to rivendell, to narnia, to mystery, unknown and but also of family, food, and new traditions.

We see dimly now, in shades of gray, but soon we will see as we are seen by the Creator and by the Spirit.

I remember my Grandma as someone that represented a time and space far out of reach from the modern era. She grew up in Italy, and moved to the states with her family after her father started to make a living here. She represented to me, an ancient love, a ancient life, she was an icon of family and food and love.

There rarely is a perfect picture of family. Though my family suffered through divorce, hardships, and deaths, we still carried something of the dna of eternity. If there is a kingdom above this world, then it is certainly one that understands food, culture, and values courage. My Grandma will have a place there. Margaret Canali is now emerging into a new life, into a sphere beyond ours. She is with the Creator of the living, she is more herself now than she ever could be, for she has seen God as he is, and will represent him more now than ever before. I look forward to a reunion with her and my family in the age to come.

My Creator I give you thanks that we are but in the first layer of something beyond our imagination, our religion, and greatest hope.

But may the hope of such a redemption and the peace that comes with that stay with us as we release my grandma to you.

wolf doodle, after life vision

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5 thoughts on “A Window of Grief and Release

  1. friends, interested in what you see in the photo. I really felt my grandma emerging into this great mysterious forest, that there was something so beyond her dreams, I sensed God bringing her deeper into a world full of life and depth. The wolf represented me, my family, and my spirit. That in Creator I am connected to people that have passed away, for there is life after death. Also the wolf howling being an image of beautiful grieving and love.

  2. It’s a beautiful interaction when a part of the body is wounded and life momentarily stops. This agony is so intense like a power that causes time rewind and even cease. God made the body parts in rhythm , thus when the music is warped the rest of the parts immediately turn to cover that part with hope and joy. Life flows when the spirit and the soul are in harmony with the body member. We feel your pulse here Jimmy and surround your spirit with courage and comfort .
    A step into your portrait shows the welcoming into the covenant trees that reach out to draw one in to the discovery of the generational kingdom. From the skipping together down the pathways of life to the howling agony of the places along the unknown path, we eventually look up to the eternal sky’s beyond the great stalwarts to meet He who created the generations. Upward we are carried to the reality that the earths walk is a peek into the forever place beyond the towering forerunners where Grandma’s wait to embrace their children and children’s children. Thank you for reminding us of the essence of family once again. He is ‘I Am’, and you are a child of His generational journey! There is so much to discover…………. Hugs, Katherine

  3. This is so beautiful…It’s an honor to see through this window of her incredible story on earth.
    In your piece, I see such deep emotion, and honor…like the wolf (you, family, and spirit) are sending a dearly loved Matriarch of your family into Heavenly realms with songs of tribute: morning, celebration, longing, and welcoming…knowing you will see her again, and carry her love, and courage with you forever….truly stunning.

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