2015 Update

It has been a long time since I have updated the Ecstatic Expression with posts. I wanted to bring everyone up to date with some of my journey and set a tone for what some of my future writings this year will hold on Ecstatic Expression.

This blog will be a bit longer than usual so I can get you all caught up. A little bit of a re-cap to those who are new to Ecstatic Expression.Ecstatic Expression is an artistic and entrepreneurial company that I started in 2012. This first year consisted of me introducing my products to the web and communities across the country. I painted growler jars, canvases, doors, as well as creating in-home designs with on ceramic tiles for the backsplash of a kitchen. In addition to painting, I started basic WordPress web design, video promotional, and photo journals of my adventures around the cities and wilderness areas around the country.

Some of my highlights from 2012 were traveling with Back to Eden Group-School on Wings and Encompassed by Dreams. As the year came to a close I was in a place of taking the first year of artistry and entrepreneurship to the next level. I knew I needed to grow in business and artistry acumen, and took an active approach to my development in the Back to Eden Group S.E.E. mentoring program.

John and Katherine, the directors of Back to Eden Group and coaches of S.E.E. helped lead me to pursue long term career goals and build into different and diverse skill sets. I took up a position in Starbucks Corporation in addition to traveling and working with Ecstatic Expression, as part of the training and was soon promoted to shift supervisor as I applied the principles I was learning.

One of the theme principles was “What am I doing with what I have in my hands?” A question that should inspire anyone to invest the raw materials of their life (time, $, relationships, etc) with intention.

I spent a year in a high volume downtown Denver Starbucks learning and growing as a leader, manager and business person. I continued to speak and teach at public events and launched a successful entrepreneurial event in Denver with John, Katherine, and Caleb.

I again was encouraged to contemplate “What do I with what I have in my hands?” After serious thought my sister Gia and I began to plan what it would look like for me to move to LA and be part of the next phase of growing her business. Gia runs a wedding and fine art photography company and I would be stepping into a studio manager role as I worked with her.

So I made plans to visit and after a week of working and talking with Gia and her husband Matt. I decided it was time to uproot and move to LA to pursue the next level of development and opportunity as an artist and business person.

Now in LA I am working at Gia Canali Photography and continuing on with Starbucks. I am getting settled and as I do I want to bring some of the lessons and stories from my creative entrepreneurial journey to the web community. I plan to write monthly and look forward to keeping a pulse on the social networks this year. Look to see new posts and upcoming blogs https://www.facebook.com/ecstaticexpression.



Sunset in hollywood

Photo from Burbank, CA


2 thoughts on “2015 Update

  1. Hi,

    You posted a mountain picture on your blog, July 22, 2012. I am writing to get permission from you to use it as a backdrop for a ministry table of Journey to the Heart.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Randall,

      you sent me this message. I am so sorry I am late–very late on the response. If you still wanted to use the photo I would love to let you, just message me which one, and make sure to put credit to James Thomas Canali of Ecstatic Expression. Maybe you want to use the photos for something else now, just let me know.



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