Culture of Communication – Leadership Quip 02

brittish phone boothCommunication is the foundation of good business, simplifying further, it’s the foundation of good transactions, interactions, and is something we must understand as leaders.

We communicate with our bodies, with our tone, with our words, written, and spoken.  Language is something to be shared, to inspire, not to destroy some one.  A challenge we must continue to face, is to lead with brave communication, and challenge the status quo to leave gossip behind, and learn to challenge each other in a space of respect and encouragement, and growth.

Being a leader, not just in position, but in our words, our actions, our tones, can be demanding.  Yet, this is the endeavor we have before us.

Take some time today today to fill a blank page of paper to write down things you would like to communicate to those in your sphere of influence.

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