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mid west fallMastering principles is part of leadership and understanding those principles is a key to unlocking big parts of our wiring and style of leadership.

A principle is a fundamental truth that serves as the foundation for reasoning and action.  We apply principles to a situation to get results.  I apply force to a door that won’t open and it opens.  The principle is force.  A good principle gets a result without damaging assets or people.

When you start any endeavor from an average work day to an important project, a sales call or a painting you are applying a core set of principles.  Continuing to think through examples of different areas of leadership we can see that there would be different principles applied in each area from a high performance athletic coach, captain on the sports team, military officer working with those under his/her command, even in a circus show, or a great expedition, like Lewis and Clark led.  In each each example there are different contexts, different settings, and different principles that will be key to overcoming in each sphere, as well as principles that could be applied universally and yield great results.

Three notable principles:

The principle of bodily awareness – It’s like spider man’s – spidey sense (maybe not so dramatic)- your reflexes and control of your body are in tune with your environment.  If changes happen around you, you adjust physically.  This principle can be caught by watching others, and can be trained – a must need for those in demanding physical environments.  This leads into other principles of awareness (self-awareness), and empathy.

The principle of hard work –  Most of us start with sweat equity.  Putting in demanding hours into a project, job, training, where we find the return on investment coming in over time.  The ROI can be immediate for those on time cards and are paid by the hour, or when someone is training to make a career move, win a championship, there might be a constant application of hard work, while they train intensely, but there will also be a big ROI in the season to come.

The principle of resilience – This is an internal principle, that’s built in character growing moments when your circumstances are challenging, and/or the feedback being given to you is critical, yet honest.  Resilience is a must for those who want to be world class at anything. Resilience is sparked through great desire, perhaps a vision to see culture change, or your sphere of society influenced for the better. One thing is for sure, you can’t have resilience if your vision doesn’t extend past your self.

What are your thoughts on key leadership principles?

Can you relate to the three principles shared?

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