Weaving Principles Together – Leadership Quip 04

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‘The power of principles explodes exponentially when you are weaving multiple principles together.’

Consider the above statement as you read my leadership quip.  In this article I reflect on my first year launching my art design, event, and video production company.  It was 2012 and I was creating art daily. I was painting multiple pieces of art a day on average and I was starting to get a name for myself in my local community and abroad.  I was a freelancer expression artist.  By that I mean I did the technical work for hire, I began to create web designs, shoot photography, and run video production.  I was learning at an accelerated rate by gleaning from others, by talking with other more experienced artists, photographers, and videographers in the field and educating myself on basic web design and Final Cut Pro X editing on www.Lynda.com (a resource I highly recommend for tech and business classes, @25$/Month for unlimited access it’s a great deal).

The principles that made me successful as a start up artist, were really just the raw materials in front of me at the time.

Those raw materials were found in three areas:

  • Emotional Energy – It had been a lifetime dormant dream to be a creative artist and I was finally not only pursuing the dream but also doing the work. I found a near limitless high expression energy that would come forth when painting.  *The principle of passion needs to be married with production and then purpose to find it’s full potential.
  • Production/Finishing Projects – I produced something daily whether a painting, a blog, an event, a teaching, a creative audio, video production, photos, I was prolific, I made something, I took action and those products sooner or later would ship, sell, be given as gifts or find place at a venue for display (marketing). The law of movement, action, and averages were all in my favor, or I was in theirs. I put what I had in my hands to work. This is a principle we can all use all the time.  *Another way to see this is by taking your production on a project or art piece to it’s conclusion.
  • Relationships – I had built community in diverse areas for the past seven years working on event ranches in the Colorado Rockies, guiding back packing trips, volunteering in Denver for different organizations, and spending extended time investing in communities of people across the USA and Canada in creative ways. These relationships were the accelerator to my momentum in the inaugural year of running what I was calling Ecstatic Expression Studios and Canali Studios. *The principles of relationships are multifaceted, occasionally seasonal, but when used can create explosive dynamics for products and purposes that one cannot achieve on their own.

The lethal combo of passion, production and people were all part of my success as an freelance creative producer in 2012.

The principles you apply to work might change from one setting to another. Learn to adapt to the landscape and the context of which you work in and must circumvent problems in.

Feel free to write in the comment section what principles you live out of in your current work and life setting.

The expression art center of my 2012 works and energy was right here at www.EcstaticExpression.org.  This is still a active part of who I am as a entrepreneur and artist, but there is now more to that story as I have expanded my skill set and business acumen the past couple years in Starbucks and other endeavors.  More to come on that in future writings.

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