Doodling into the Mystic Perspectives

mystic Owl

A little teaser from a doodle I started last November. 

Just looking at this makes me feel a bit more like the Mad Hatter leading people down the rabbit hole into wonderland…

Which perhaps is why doodling has been a way I process thoughts, perspective and ideas.  Sometimes I even as an artist need to sit and ponder my creations, not fully realizing what I have created until some reflection has taken place.  This is one of those pieces, full of story, expression, meaning…What do you see?

This doodle is showing a picture of the spirit of wisdom and the gateway to knowing the times and seasons of life.  The Hebraic word on the owls head is a word for the eternal spirit as a door and gateway.

I’m thinking of picking up this summer where I left off with this sketch. More to come this summer.




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