Ecstatic Expression Blogs

Welcome to the community room of Ecstatic Expression.

New in 2015!

  1. Coffee Hub In this new segment with at EE Studios, I will be introducing the online and local communities to the story and tastes of coffee. A lot of what I initiating here is  going to cover the learning journey I am on in this arena and inviting you to travel along side me as we learn and share together.
  2. Leadership Paradigms – This is going to be a new section of EE Blogs that will nurture, challenge and encourage those willing to become great leaders. I will share about my journey as a leader, from the mistakes, challenges, to the successes, and joys of being part of great teams in the work place.

The blog is here to create places for us to meet and exchange ideas, like a digital cafe of sorts, or a passing meeting in a train station.  I hope you find these blogs inspiring and thought provoking as you move through your life.

  • Ecstatic Expression Starting Point: This is the starting place and platform for you and me to interact and engage.  It serves as a creative and inspiring meeting place.
  • Inspiration Station: Inspiration is part of a healthy creative Eco-system. We need to find life and energy from the world around us, which is why I devoted part of the Ecstatic Expression blog articles to act as a filling station.  The articles and links here are full of stimuli to spark the next great act in your life.
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur: This blog is written as a cultural, sometimes counter cultural teaching platform.  Looking to impart skills, as well help form and voice perspectives in education, leadership and work.
  • Creative and Contemplative Problem Solvers Conversation Table: “Get wisdom, get understanding,” this Hebraic script invites us into the ways of wisdom which are full of diversity and creativity.  It’s in our community collaboration that we will find a fuller image of what wisdom is for the particular issues at hand in our lifetime.  This blog is a starting point for those conversations.
  • Renaissance Culture Initiative: This section of the blog is here to serve and empower the artist, the creative, the dreamer in us, and in our culture.  This blog is meant to inspire good taste in all things in work, and play.
  • Voice, Poetry, Statement: This is a collection of poems, and statements that define, me as an artist and person, but also an invitation for you to make a statement, and voice your perspectives.