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This blog is written as a counter cultural teaching platform for this generation to learn the skills of being an entrepreneur. We have to redefine how we educate, train, and work. We need to renew our mindsets and establish a multitude of creative investments in how we work and play in the marketplace today.


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Here is access to a collection of Leadership Quips I write monthly to empower other leaders in the marketplace to action, create, grow, expand and diversify.



Weaving Principles Together – Leadership Quip 04, “The power of principles explodes exponentially when you are weaving multiple principles together (Read More).” [Nov. 15, 2015]

Principles of Leadership – Leadership Quip 03 “Mastering principles is part of leadership and understanding those principles is a key to unlocking big parts of our wiring and style of leadership (Read More).” [Sept. 24, 2015)

Culture of Communication – Leadership Quip 02 “Communication is the foundation of good business, simplifying further, it’s the foundation of good transactions, interactions, and is something we must understand as leaders (Read More).” [Sept. 23, 2015]

Contemplating Perspectives on Leadership – Leadership Quip 01“Is your style of leadership life giving?  A simple question to ask yourself (Read More).” [Sept. 16, 2015]



Entrepreneurs Journey: Educational Drones vs. Life Long Learners, “The Entre­pre­neur­ial jour­ney is first a jour­ney of being fathered. This isn’t like the typ­i­cal busi­ness man and woman of west­ern cul­ture, it’s not like the tycoons of the mar­ket­place, it’s about being who we are designed to be, and tak­ing it to the streets (mar­ket­place), but first we need to embrace fathering [Read More].”



The Myth of Being Self Taught, “I recently was read­ing a blog from Chris Guillebeau’s on des­tiny, influ­ence, and the impos­si­bil­ity of being self-taught. This stirred some thoughts on the cre­ative and learn­ing process. [Read More].”