Creative and Contemplative Problem Solvers Blog

“Get wisdom, get understanding,” this hebraic script invites us into the ways of wisdom which are full of diverse and creative possibility. What’s it look like for a people to emerge with creative & spiritual & meditative solutions to the world’s struggles? Join the blog dialogues and discover more.



Reclaiming our Super Power – Anger, “Our anger is often confused and stored in our body, our mind, our emotions, and it’s kept a prisoner.  I find that anger is the fuel of many inspirational people, people with a warrior and fighter spirit in them, they use anger to find peace and it propels them deeper into their purpose [Read More].”


Creative Problem Solving: Problem Identification Part 1, “In this blog, let’s con­sider our daily life. What is the rhythm of life right now? Are you in col­lege, approach­ing col­lege, in grad school, in a new job, apply­ing for a job, seek­ing new adven­tures, trav­el­ing, cre­at­ing, run­ning a busi­ness? This is what we know, but what we haven’t yet fully seen is that our cur­rent sit­u­a­tions in this sea­son of life, actu­ally are our doors into pro­mo­tion, ful­fill­ment, and joy [Read More].”


Art and Fear, “Art is made by ordinary people.” This comes against the lie that says we don’t have enough talent, or we weren’t born artistic. Art is made by everyone.” [Read More]