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This is the starting place and platform for you and me to interact and engage. It serves as a creative and inspiring meeting place of ideas, artistic expressions, and a diversity of voices. The themes you will see throughout this blog flow into the other blogs on EE, such as what does it look like to become an entrepreneur, how to be a problem solver, and sharing in the ecstatic expression of life, through art, thoughts, creative projects, and daily ecstatic living.



Update 2015 – an article on my activities and transition to Los Angeles.  This introduces some of my journey in 2014 to 2015 as I have worked in management in the marketplace and continued developing art and business skills.



Spiritual Entrepreneurs Event in Denver, “This event is going to be a hands on exploration in increasing your talents in the marketplace! What’s it look like for you to take dominion in your life today? This event is hosted by Ecstatic Expression, and Back to Eden Group Inc. Read the brochure for more information.”


Walking Through Defeat, “In this article I want to talk about the story of our city, Denver and perhaps some of the story of Seattle as the Super Bowl has ended. How do we glean from this victory and this loss? And what can it mean for our daily lives? [Read More].”


Adventures in Life- Play, Pleasure & Beer, “I find the idea of play so foreign to most learning, religious and work environments. However as I contemplate the origins of work, business, and healthy ecology, play is at the dawn [Read More].”



Musings from a Creative, “I sit in my chair, in my home, on Garfield Street. I live in a land of noise and business. But in this land there is a music. I hear birds singing in the choir of creation and a train horn whistling a couple miles away [Read More].”


Advancement and Movement, “As long as water pours forth from a source, rivers will flow, and those rivers pour into the sea [Read More].”

The Journey Before You: Engaging Your Inner Life, “To look within and ask ourselves contemplatively questions, each questions is a journey along the path of discovery and pioneering a new frontier of expression [Read More].”


The Land of the Future: Seeds and Cattle, “What in your life is in seed form? That’s the ques­tion I’m pon­der­ing. There is a lot in my cre­ative and busi­ness life that is in my pos­ses­sion as seeds. I am won­der­ing how to sow them into the land [Read More].”