Inspire is a part of the Ecstatic Expression Blogs that is devoted to filling us with inspiration fuel for our creative endeavors.

My heart is to help the artist in each of us create an eco-system of creativity. By giving us the resources and tools to form a space within and around us that helps us receive inspiration and fully express our creative actions.

This blog section will be FULL of stimuli that perks our creative curiosity, helps us bridge into the creative act, and bring us into a collective conversation. As well I will include tools that help capture the creative spirit and release it in life giving ways.

Let’s enjoy together the creativity in the world around us from art, books, movies, and life itself!

Welcome to the community and feel free to engage in the blogs in the comment section.



Castle in the Sky (Inspiring Animation Film)

Song of the Sea


Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer Less of a review of the book, more my first response.


Tramps, Vagabonds, Wanderers

Chris McCandless aka Alexander Super Tramp More to come on Chris, this was article was written as an initial response to Chris’s story.


August 2015

Response to Reading Into the Wild

January 2015

Song of the Sea – Review and Trailer

January 2014 

Castle in the Sky (Inspiring Animation Film)