Renaissance Culture Blog

This blog is here to serve & empower the creative and artistic spirit in every person. This blog seeks to provoke us to engage in a new stream of creative, renaissance culture. It’s focus is to educate us on different art skills, movements, figures, and open all of us up to how we can become who we are designed to be by taking creative action and expressing through artistic mediums.



Coro De Vita Doodle, “It’s been a great sea­son of left brain, ana­lytic work in the mar­ket­place, as I grow and expand as a entre­pre­neur and learn new skills, so, when I have time off, I try to take time to train my brain to move between both the left and right side, as I do, my hope is to make good art at a moments notice, or near enough. [Read More]”


March 2014

A Window of Grief and Release, “This is my reflection and process of my grandmothers passing. How can we say it is death, although it certainly is a death of one body, it is also a passage into a new phase of life. [Read More].”


November 2013 

Doodling The Lion of Reality, “This particular piece is about the spirit world and the natural world. It’s about reality, and how we like this lion can live actively in the reality of both worlds! Trippy, right?! It’s inspired by my love of mystery and life.” [Read More]

October 2013 

Doodling Back to The Creative Joy, “Doodling is simple, just coloring and sketching, sometimes googling different sketchers and doodlers via internet and finding themes I like and imitating them. Then just letting my imagination go from there.” [Read More]

June 2013

Expression Portrait, “A Ecstatic Self Portrait in Expressive energized art.” [Read More]

Taking Risks – The Gateways to Expression, “With both of these pieces I found my self fac­ing the can­vas, the blank can­vas, and as I faced the can­vas I was struck fear and inse­cu­rity. I real­ized I couldn’t plan out either of these pieces more than the first thought I had received about them, I just needed to start. I needed to take action, and I did.” [Read More]

May 2013

The Nature of Color: Colors Create, “Colors create sounds. Colors create thoughts. Colors are the beginning of a new idea.” [Read More]