Voice Blog

The Voice Blog is dedicated to words, to voice, to creative action. I glean from the wild prophets, seers, & poets of our creative human lineage. These wild frontiers men and women of the vocal creative spirit engaged constantly in the superior reality, this is my intent with this blog. As well, I am constantly seeking a community voice. There is a authentic powerful voice in every man, and woman.

The Voice Blog is here to capture the volume and cadence of the artistic renegade culture that is standing up to the systems of the world, bringing our words to the world around us. If creative action is the epicenter of movement in political and social spheres, what’s it look like for us to create with our words?

Join me in voicing what you truly see and believe.

March 2014

Death – Involvement and Detachment, “Death, like winter, bears so much we often shy away from. This however is why I am writing today. I want to to talk about involvement and detachment particular to death [Read More].”

October 2013

Never Land

“I once was on a journey.

A journey to Never Never Land.

I still remember the night it began…” [Read More]


August 2013

Hidden Music

“The music that is resident in our planet fills me with wonder and affection for my higher power.” [Read More]

May 2013

Identity Statement

This is a banner I declare over my inner man and life.

“…I may have been born into a world-at-war.

a world of apa­thy, depres­sion, death and divorce.

But I have a father who loves me…” [Read More]