Emerging into the Divine Expanse

a photo of abstract expression personal portrait

I was walking in a Black & White Cycle when you emered with a smile creating in me a universe.


A world, unspoken, yet deliciously alive in your eyes, unseen yet brilliantly alive.


Unheard foot prints I followed to sea and shore. Where a vast expanse lay before me, where sky and water connect and laugh.


And the White Gulls cried that day for a Holy Reckoning in the Harbor of Harmony.


For the sails of this man was born away by sunset and sun rise.


oh i am a captive hope.


The day I set sail I savored the song of the falling stars and infinite light.


kissed by life inside, and Washed by bliss each day.


the red white love will ever stay my course, i will not stray


The anniversary of this unexpected adventure approached when you again came to me, as a typhoon of color and love.


Now declare with words sourced in the unseen adventure of light…


‘I will enter once more into the fray of everyday life and trials, once more, till the lamb within emerges, and the lion learns to laugh, and the crowns on my head are born back into the adventure of wroship. Once more i will rise in the tremors of the mundane suffering.’


A poetic reponse to an expression art piece for my friend Hunter. [a depiction of a mans spiritual journey in life into the creative life and divine light].



Expressing the Pain and Grieving through Creativity

This series of art pieces are a process I (Jimmy) am entering into that’s reshaping my emotional vocabulary, even my art technique and creative process. Every day I take time to just get out the pain, the feeling of inadequacy to create feels as I enter into the release of emotion. Each painting is an emotion long bottled up, but here in this new expression of greiving I find beauty and in these lonely even dark places my soul finds presence, and the essence of love, undying love that undoes my heart. What I am discovering as I continue to paint, and splatter is not just pain but the joy of being so loved by my Creator.

More on this to come in the months ahead this is just a peak at the art studio of my heart.

This is my healing journey. [click on photos to enlarge and see a brief descirption]


Meditate on your Origin

a painting of the worlds being made

I fell asleep, but when I closed my eyes, my spirit awoke to the worlds being made.

The first breathe of Elohim into the vastness of possibility. I stood amidst the angels on the fields of the dawn, and saw the words of life turn light and sing. Creation I encourage you to take time to meditate on the essence and origin of your creation.

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Splatter Expressions!

This piece is a celebration of our union with the Creator, in life, in death, in resurrection, and ascension!

Our souls can experience the reality of the unseen, this splatter expression is a compilation of emotions and colors that express our inner reality in Creator.

expressed by James Thomas Canali

Prints and Original Available!

a splatter art expression of our union with Creator God

Original $100

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5″ x 7″

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24″ x 36″

Glossy Chro­mogenic Pho­to­graphic Print $100

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30″ x 45″

Som­er­set Giclee Fine Art Print $200

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Chro­mogenic Pho­to­graphic Print avail­able in Glossy, Matte, Lustre, Metallic.

A Poetic Response to Star Gazing

a expressive painting of God and creation gazing into the night sky.

Star Gazing a ecstatic expression by Jimmy Canali

A response to this art piece from Teresa Jolly (Sal­is­bury, England):

Star Gazing –

My beautiful Jesus what an amazing night! The stars shine so bright each one a mystery of your presence.

The sky is so rich, a blanket of your glory hovering over us as we dance! Your freedom is precious, with you I can dance with no cares.

You take my hand and lead me, each step bringing us even closer together. Just me and you Jesus nothing else but your heavy glory.

To me you are so gentle and kind. You teach me to dance with such patience and love. I come before you completely undignified losing everything to gain more of you.

Thank you for this amazing dance, the fun we have and your wild spirit. Thank you that our pursuit will last for eternity! It’s beautifully deep and special. You are my destiny.