Art Journal 2013

This year I have steadied the pace of creativity, but invested deeply in observation, and attention to detail. This journey of study and observation requires listening and seeing, with an artist perspective. The gallery or journal before you is of imitation, and practice. My focus has been on human anatomy and city architecture, some of which you will see below. Both humans and city structures have their complexities and artistry.

I have also taken time to explore comics, cartoons, and imitations of Akiane, Marc Chagall, Walt Disney, and Dr. Seuss, and more.

My studio space changed dramatically this year, moving from a basement studio to taking the art out into the city, cafe’s and nature. Space is important. But so is connection, I moved myself to quick sketches, little imitations of the greats, and small scale experimentation’s, compared to 2012, I only doodled and crafted a handful of art pieces.  The majority of my time and resources went into developing business, leadership and diversity in Starbucks.

I am exploring with mediums like watercolor, oil and ink in these pictures. I am also exploring with a series of pencils and graphite. I also play with some photo editing in IPhoto with these images.  Enjoy the art!  [click to enlarge]

Inter­ested in shar­ing these paint­ings on your blogs?  Feel free to use!  Mes­sage me about what you want or a link to your blog that you are post­ing with credit to Jimmy Canali of Ecsta­tic Expres­sion and link to Ecsta­tic Expression’s web site.

Bring­ing the Ecsta­tic Expres­sion into your home and office — If you are inter­ested in pur­chas­ing orig­i­nals or prints for your self, your cre­ative space, your office or as a gift for your friends and fam­ily con­tact me on Face Book or email me at CanaliStudios@gmail(dotcom).  I would love to con­nect about artis­tic design work with you.

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