Ecstatic Expression 2012 Art Gallery

2012 – In the first year of operation I was part of producing approx. 500 pieces of unique artwork: from video production to hundreds of commissioned art pieces on glass jars and canvases, to producing a high scale interior design project involving hundreds of ceramic tiles requiring individual design, and leading seminars & workshops on creative thinking, contemplation, and creative expression.

This inaugural year of EE studios however, began with painting, with expression art, and symbolism. As the year progressed I moved more into the intuitive spiritual paintings and expressing ecstatic dimensions of thought and art, as well, I was learning to grieve through the creative act as I processed more of my story.  However this year largely a celebration!  It was about playfulness and freedom in the creative process and exploring with intentional commitment to painting almost every day!  It was this year that my relationship with brush, paint and canvas truly began.

Invitation – Pick a favorite, choose one of the paintings that stand out to you, click on it, enlarge it, and meditate, what do you see?  What inspires you?  Leave a comment on the photo or down below.  Thanks for contributing to the creative conversation!

Interested in sharing these paintings on your blogs?  Feel free to use!  Message me about what you want or a link to your blog that you are posting with credit to Jimmy Canali of Ecstatic Expression and link to Ecstatic Expression’s web site.

Bring­ing the Ecsta­tic Expres­sion into your home and office — If you are inter­ested in pur­chas­ing orig­i­nals or prints for your self, your creative space, your office or as a gift for your friends and fam­ily con­tact me on Face Book or email me at CanaliStudios@gmail(dotcom).  I would love to con­nect about artis­tic design work with you.

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