Seminars, Workshops & Public Speaking

Ecstatic Expression events empower people to revamp and re-define their views and expressions on spirituality, creativity, meditation, and the marketplace. Hosting entrepreneurial and creative workshops give you and your community, colleagues  and friends to re-define the creative and exciting adventure of life, work and spirituality together.

I personally have experience in teaching, speaking, and facilitating events from a broad range of groups and settings (from 2008-present).  I have experience ranging from leading seminars in corporate companies like Starbucks to teaching and guiding trips of people in the Colorado back country, as well leading students and leaders of non-profits, to leadership retreats of 10-40 plus people.  I have spoken to age ranges from 13-70+.

Interested in taking new creative approaches to work and life!?

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I look forward to us connecting and starting to dream, plan and take action with people in your company and community!

Highlights and History


  • Leading seminars & workshops on creative thinking, contemplation, and creative expression in Boulder, Denver, Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado Springs, CO.
  • Teaching high school students in Fort Collins, CO, artistic and business start up methods.
  • Traveling in partnership with entrepreneur, teacher, zumba instructor and dream interpreter Caleb Matthews of Encompassed by Dreams, to the UK, speaking in places such as Salisbury and Richmond.  Personally teaching on the artistic process, and helping groups of people step into the creative process with courage, as well as imparting start up strategies to help people get creative and business projects out of their heads and into the market place.
  • Traveling to Prince George, Canada with Encompassed by Dreams and Back to Eden Inc. teaching about cultural transformation, artistic process, and human empathy.


  • Leading urban college students in an entrepreneurs workshop, where they developed skills that empowered them to make advancements in the marketplace and in their on coming post-graduation season. Leading activities around strategic career planning, contemplative problem solving, and building confidence in them to speak and express in public group settings.
  • Introducing regional leadership from non-profits to new creative, and entrepreneurial start up programs that empower middle school, high school and college age students to start businesses and invest in artistic crafts.


  • In partnership with Back to Eden Inc. Led a spiritual perspectives and entrepreneurs workshop in Denver and Boulder, CO.  During these events we spoke into cultural issues and facilitated dynamic creative thinking through different activities to make changes in our city, workplace and life.


  • Leading Ethical Sourcing Seminar in Studio City, with Starbucks.  Sharing the ethical sourcing story of Starbucks, while leading world class coffee tastings, food pairings, and discussions with peers and community members.  This seminar was part of my completion of an in-depth study of coffee, known as Coffee Masters, where I learned the history of coffee, about origin countries, farming standards, roasting techniques, and brewing methods, and the individual nuances of each coffee Starbucks sells).
  • Personal Achievements in Public Settings with Starbucks in 2015
    1. Received District & Area Barista Champion Title – Won local & area competitions. Demonstrated world class customer service in competition by making unique latte art, and leading in depth coffee tastings with judges.
    2. Finalist in Regional Barista Championship – representing my ability and skill among top competitors in Southern, CA.
    3. Awarded Partner of the Quarter by my peers & management for my ability to lead the team, and achieve excellence in local cafe environment as well as in the area and regional competition level with barista & leadership skill. [For more view page at LinkedIn].

Contact: CanaliStudios@gmail(dotcom)