Canvas work in 2013

Here are a couple of pieces that have come out of my creative times this summer. With both of these pieces I found my self facing the canvas, the blank canvas, and as I faced the canvas I was struck fear and insecurity. I realized I couldn’t plan out either of these pieces more than the first thought I had received about them, I just needed to start. I needed to take action, and I did.

When the paint start moving on the canvas I found a door conceptual and expressive breakthrough, things seemed to flow, and connect, I found that I needed to continue to take artistic risks with my concepts and embrace the wild imagination of my design.

The photos below are of my ecstatic expressive self-portrait for this season, and my imaginative realistic portrait of the harmony of light in creation. [Making of Video coming soon!)

Interested in prints, commissions and originals, contact me.

Ecstatic Expression Self Portrait

This Self Portrait is 48″ (122 cm) by 24″ (61 cm). I used a strong oil based enamel, acrylic and ink.



This outer space expression is 24″ (61 cm) by 24″ (61 cm). I used acrylic, with some details in ink and enamel.

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