Photography Journal 2012

These are collections and journals of my journeys whether traveling around the world or traveling on a commissioned home design art project, I captured the land and it’s little wonders in photography.  Photography is a lot like poetry.  Each picture like each poem is a story, up for the interpretation of the listening ears. So I invite you to take time to browse the galleries, listen, and share what you hear.

My Personal Photography Art Statement – The glory of a photographer is to live in a balance between capturing the divine and the broken, humanity and bliss. This is their joy and their tears. But in capturing they are creating because they are releasing a unique perspective as which they see the world, and our interpretation is always part of the process.

Photography of DenverUnited Kingdom Photo GalleryColorado Wilderness Photo GalleryA Photographic Journal of Denver to the West Coast

The majority of photos were taken on a Canon Vixia HF M40. The United Kingdom and West Coast photos were taken on a Canon Rebel T3.

Also for those interested I wanted to share some of the past travel photo gems, such as my trip to New Zealand, as I stood as the best man in my friend Simeon Clarke’s wedding with his bride to be Anna. I shot on a Canon Rebel G, film camera, and some little disposable cameras, capturing the authentic holy, & sacred places and moments with friends that I was with in Kiwi Land.

Inter­ested in shar­ing these photos on your blogs?  Feel free to use!  Mes­sage me about what you want or a link to your blog that you are post­ing with credit to Jimmy Canali of Ecsta­tic Expres­sion and link to Ecsta­tic Expression’s web site.

Bring­ing the Ecsta­tic Expres­sion into your home and office — If you are inter­ested in pur­chas­ing orig­i­nals or prints for your self, your creative space, your office or as a gift for your friends and fam­ily con­tact me on Face Book or email me at CanaliStudios@gmail(dotcom).  I would love to con­nect about photographic design work with you.

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