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Jimmy Canali photo by Brian Scaglia (Summer 2010)

Hi! My name is Jimmy Canali and I want to welcome you to Ecstatic Expression online studio, as well, I want to introduce a bit of who I am.

I started Ecstatic Expression in 2012. This was a fulfillment of a dream and a call to create. I wasn’t particularly well trained in art, but had passion, and a longing. As I took my first steps of creative action the dormant gift that was my artistic talent exploded on canvas. I found that when I actually faced a blank canvas, with paint supplies, I soon would conquer fear, and diminish the lies that held my expression and voice back. The blank canvas became my ally in 2012, and I have been learning to see things as an artist, and train my eye and perception skills since then.

Before 2012, I had created only a handful of canvases, and a couple journals of sketches, and a couple of high school art classes, under my belt. The biggest things that changed my number of completed canvases was belief and action. Experience has shown me that one increases the other.

I have learned more about my self, as I have stepped into the daily action of expression through painting. I have learned to value inspiration. To hold it and enjoy it like a butterfly, and to take note of the caterpillars of inspiration as well. I keep an idea book, like a treasure map, or a field journal on the lewis and clark expedition, I log what inspires me in different settings, landscapes, and observations, and take note of things in art, to movies, to daily moments of life. I have taken back my life in a sense this way, letting all my senses feast on the vast creative design of the land I live in and creative works I see in nature, and humanity. As well I enjoy the art in different realms of society from music, paintings, animation, businesses, good blogs, photography, social media and social justice.

I have always enjoyed land. It’s inspiration has taught me to meditate and consider a master designer. Land gives me space to find out more about my imagination. Small things like sunshine on spilling water in a mountain side creek. And the music of laughter I hear in the earth when spring emerges in the Rocky Mountains.

The evenings as a child still have voice in today, as lightning bugs find their way into my artwork.  Those nights in New York as a young child gazing at the stars, and a backpacking guide in the Rockies filled me with eternal wonder and there is a dynamic inspiration I glean from the stars and planetary constellations that is expressed my artwork. When I look at the stars I see a choir conductor leading a symphony of sound and light in our universe.

The architecture in cities resonates with the builder in me. I feel a sophisticated playfulness in the structures of buildings. Cities are a constant contemplative place for me, to see complexity, and connection and business thrills me. A theme I love to draw on is the dimensions of the cities we see, and world of the ethereal that is unseen. You will discover this pattern throughout my art galleries and journals. Cities are a symbol of life, and I look to reclaim that in my art.

I constantly am pulled into the humanity of our existence with delight. I am still learning daily to express my heart and the raw emotions of pain, grief, joy, love, and life in my art. Some of these pieces I hope to share like a dinner table meal, to make place for two human beings to meet, and share bread together, the bread of friendship.

Humanity as a whole inspires me. With cultural music being a big instigator of my inspiration and influence of my creative space and creative experience. The emotion of music and art, and their interconnectedness is of vital importance to the core of my ecstatic expression. Trance music, & Post Rock vibes, like Enya, Autumn Lead, Sarah Mclachlan, to hip-hop poetry like Propaganda, and David Bowden are all doors of access to higher realms of expression. I also find jazz, soul, and acoustic folk moving me into emotions and the soul of my humanity, with new forms emerging in my art as I engage and listen to music in these spheres.

I find harmony, and the working together of many components engaging. Teamwork is a brilliant idea, unity increases the reward. I love collaborating with creatives and artists, it always launches me into the limitless potential of the creative experience. I look to do this more with the upcoming launch of Creative Adventure Events.

I am looking forward to meeting and connecting some time soon! So engage on the blogs, shoot me a message. Join the Facebook community. See you in person and let’s create!

Link to Art Statement.


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