Art Statement

Ecstatic Expression

What is Art?

Art is a journey into perspective and expression. On any good journey, you start out with a general idea of the destination, and direction, then you start by taking the first step, one step builds upon another, and between that first step and the last, is the adventure.

On a mountain hiking journey, or cross country trek, you prepare your self with physical discipline, and necessary supplies. And as an athlete in the journey towards competition, you show up, rain or shine, and train.

Part of the journey of art, is just showing up, with the necessary supplies day after day. The next step, is to actually take action. But take that creative action and viola, you my friend are entering into the realm that so many people said you couldn’t, the realm of the artist.

This place called Art, is intimidating, and full of gate keepers to tell you to take a better road, a more reasonable road, “don’t be so creative”, “don’t get spiritual with everything”, “your too expressive.” Believing those lies, is what kills our creative souls, but there’s hope.

Buck the lies, and take your first step. Keep on walking on that water of the unknown. To take these steps you not only have to be at peace, but you have to be comfortable with fear, intimidation and risk that are all part of the landscape you must journey in.

Brave people, are people who create, even though they feel, inadequate, and afraid. They know action is the solution to overcoming the resistance, and they keep moving.

So a question we need to ask is, what counts as creative and artistic? That’s what’s so exciting, from math, to business skills, relationship dynamics, to painting, dancing, photography, design, & decorating, it’s all different dimensions of creativity and expression. It’s all ART.

I see so many dormant, & closet creatives that only think their creative if they can draw realistic. Drawing realistic is a journey, some have the talents right off the bat, others, might have to train their eyes to draw realistic, but the point is answering the creative call.

There is a certain level of skills we have each been given grace to express, for me, expression art is a strong skill, but realistic portraits of the human figure, and the human figure in motion call to me, and ask me to create them. I must answer the call.

Though my skill in this area is weak, it can grow, meanwhile I must realize and take account of my strong gift of expression and the surprise gifts in business skills, learn from them, and leverage them to take ground as an artist and entrepreneur.

That’s my journey and it encompasses so much more than I ever dreamed of. With each step I take, I gain access to that realm of dreams realized, realistic portraits created, true expressions from my heart displayed, & movements in my body of true creativity. This is my journey and statement about ART.

Learn more about Jimmy as an artist and entrepreneur on the About Me page.

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