Doodling into the Mystic Perspectives

mystic Owl

A little teaser from a doodle I started last November. 

Just looking at this makes me feel a bit more like the Mad Hatter leading people down the rabbit hole into wonderland…

Which perhaps is why doodling has been a way I process thoughts, perspective and ideas.  Sometimes I even as an artist need to sit and ponder my creations, not fully realizing what I have created until some reflection has taken place.  This is one of those pieces, full of story, expression, meaning…What do you see?

This doodle is showing a picture of the spirit of wisdom and the gateway to knowing the times and seasons of life.  The Hebraic word on the owls head is a word for the eternal spirit as a door and gateway.

I’m thinking of picking up this summer where I left off with this sketch. More to come this summer.




What’s Inspiring you lately? The Movie Vision from the Life of Hildegard Von Bingen

Vision with Barbara Sukowa

What’s inspiring you lately? I have been reaching into some movies, and studies that really peak my curiosity and invigorate me to create.

This gripping film, Vision from the life of Hildegar Von Bingen captures the life of a forerunner, and a mystic. Hildegard was given to the monastery at a young age by her parents. She as a young girl would regularly engage in the celestial reality of heaven. She carried a incredible message out of these divine visions. And broke ranks from a system that was incredibly broken to bring the remarkable into the earth. A great watch! Incredible cinematography. Gripping story. 10 out of 10 as an inspiring movie, and visionary provoker to see the unseen.

Link to IMDB.

Link to Netflix.


The Music of Eden: An invitation to Engage (Day 4 of 400)

Imitating marc chagall's magic flute

This is an imitation of Marc Chagall’s Magic Flute titled The Music of Eden. 

The music of Eden. Can you hear it? Shhhh…Listen with your heart. Lean in. The eyes of your imagination illumine and you see a path before you, but the moment is soon disturbed as you see the festive brigade of creatures and angels emerging with Eden’s finest wine and dinner party atire. (Which wasn’t much for a garden company! wot wot!!!)


Go ahead don’t be shy, engage this mystic reality. Taste the color, hear the syllables of each foot print, where Eden begins and earth ends who knows, the boundary is blurring.

Here’s a question for you, If Adam (who the Hebrew stories tell us was made by God) was given a charge to extend the boundaries of the Garden. What art would he have created to bring the new world into an experience of paradise? What songs would he sing? What stories would he tell? What dances would he perform?

For the curious and childlike I invite you to dialogue with the Creator. Take a moment and see what Eden was like.

Let me know how it goes!


Note on art materials: I used watercolors to imitate Chagall’s acrylics, oils, and gouaches. I do this simple because of the ease of bringing watercolors around with me.

Magic Flute by Marc Chagall

Lifted Into the Air


Here is some wine to fuel your awe and wonder of Creator God.

Probus, a contemporary biographer of St. Arey, Bishop of Gap (d.604), is said to have often visited the church where the saint passed many nightime hours before the tabernacle. Probus relates that the saint was often found ravished in spirit and lifted high into the air by the ministry of angels. At such times, the whole church was ablaze with heavenly light. (Excerpt from Eucharistic Miracles by Joan Carroll Cruz)

What do you do with that!? Enjoy it! Let’s take a big gulp of the mysticism of our heavenly family. This is a invitation into meditating on the one whose very life brought us into union with Creator.

a painting of a saint levitating

Eucharistic Miracles by Joan Carroll Cruz